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Team Sport @ Bloomsbury

New Team Member

Though football’s transfer window may already have passed, we had a late substitution for Team Sport @ Bloomsbury with Kate Wanwimolruk leaving the squad, replaced by Nick Ascroft as the new Senior Editor.

Nick in Nets is a keen footballer and dab hand at any and all pub sports, in particular that most thick-necked and cauliflower-eared physical battle, Scrabble, of which he is currently the British Mind Sports Olympiad Champion. And with his great goalkeeping expertise (how else did you think he got his nickname?) and editorial prowess, you can be confident that every Bloomsbury Sport book he works on will be in great hands.

If you need to contact Nick or indeed any of the team, please contact us here.

Know the Game

Ever lost out on that elusive pub quiz win because you couldn’t remember how many players in a basketball team? Or how far the penalty mark is from the goal in football? Or the height of a tennis net? Or when the game of badminton was invented?

Know the Game Know the GameKnow the GameKnow the GameKnow the GameKnow the Game

Or maybe you’ve got tickets to the London 2012 Olympics and want to brush up on the rules before you go.

Know the Game is a renowned and iconic series of sports books that will provide you with all the basics for understanding each sport along with clear explanations of the rules – so no more sitting in the stands wondering why the ref blew the whistle.

Written by the governing body in each sport, they give you practical, step-by-step guidance on how to play the sport, supported by helpful illustrations, as well as training tips from some of the world’s best players and athletes. There are also quizzes to test your knowledge. And if you’re interested in teaching, coaching or umpiring, there’s advice for you too.

Check out Know the Game for everything you wanted to know about your favourite sport.

So You Want To Be Captain?

A captain has many responsibilities and can make or break a team. So where can you look to for help? So You Want To Be Captain? a new book publishing in March 2012 is the answer. Perfect for any young sports-mad reader, it is the ideal resource for inspiring advice and tips on how to be a great captain and lead your team to success direct from some of the greatest sporting heroes. Advice is in the form of letters addressed to the author’s young son who wanted to learn the key attributes of being a great captain.

The author of the book, Declan Gane offers some words on the book and what Karen Atkinson has to say to young, aspiring captains:

Crowned World Netball Series Champions in November, English netball has been on a roll in recent years under the captaincy of Hertfordshire Mavericks skipper, Karen Atkinson who has more than 100 international caps to her name. In this book aimed at aspiring young sportsmen and women, Karen shares her ideas on how to captain a winning team with my son, Louis Gane (who was looking for inspiration when handed the armband as a 12 year old). As well as Karen’s own words of wisdom, 47 other leading captains give their top tips to Louis in the book, including sporting legends Ian Botham, Will Carling, Phil Neville, Colin Montgomerie and Jamie Peacock.

Karen advises wannabe captains to “MOTIVATE your team to give 100 per cent and perform to their best, use POSITIVE talk whether to praise or to give constructive feedback and be APPROACHABLE to all team members.” There’s plenty more great advice to inspire the next generation from skippers that have all ‘been there and done it’. Put a wise head on young shoulders. 

Publication March 2012

November Newsletter

The November issue of the Bloomsbury Sport newsletter is now available, featuring information on our brand new titles publishing this month.

Including The Complete Guide to Circuit Training by Debbie Lawrence and Bob Hope, this is the definitive guide to planning and teaching a circuit class, covering everything from planning a session to assessing individuals.

For the cricket lover, the new edition of The Wisden Guide to International Cricket 2012. This paperback annual contains quick-fire records of every country and features the 200 players expected to appear in international cricket during 2012.

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Meet Steve Barrett – author of The Total Gym Ball Workout and The Total Dumbbell Workout.

Steve Barrett is a well-respected fitness industry expert, personal trainer, presenter and leading fitness brand consultant. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years and is the creator of some of the world’s most successful consumer fitness campaigns.

Steve is the author of two brand new books, The Total Gym Ball Workout and The Total Dumbbell Workout. These complete how-to reference guides show you how to get the most out of your gear, whatever your level of fitness. Accessible and practical, they are packed with a wide range of tried and tested exercises, each accompanied by easy-to-follow photos and illustrations.  Whether you want to take them to the gym or use the books at home, these indispensable handbooks are perfect for both the fitness enthusiast and the fitness professional.


Find out more about Steve Barrett and these fantastic new titles.

Sample a few exercises from The Total Gym Ball Workout.

Sample a few exercises from The Total Dumbbell Workout.

Tackling the Rules of Rugby

Congratulations to Richie McCaw and the All Blacks for holding off the French to win the 2011 Rugby World Cup. It’s been a competition of upsets and disappointments, and has certainly kept everyone on their toes throughout.

   Despite a short career playing rugby at the tender age of 7 (I retired at the age of 9), once or twice during the tournament I’ve been a bit unsure of the rules, so two books have proved absolutely indispensable in making me sound like a knowledgeable rugby buff when discussing the games.

Everything You wanted to Know About Rugby But Were Too Afraid to Ask and the evergreen classic Know the Game: Rugby Union are ideal companions to the game. So if you’re hooked on rugby now and can’t wait for the Six Nations in February next year, why not swat up on your ‘rucks’, ‘mauls’, or ‘knock-ons’ before the games commence again.

Pumping Iron

It might look like a cannonball with a handle or a ridiculously heavy metal handbag, but, for those in the know, the kettlebell is an essential piece of fitness equipment.

Originating from Russia, kettlebell training is now a global phenomenon with clubs, gyms and individuals investing in equipment and training. Celebs such as Penelope Cruz and Sylvester Stallone are reported to be big fans, but what can kettlebells be used for?

Well, kettlebells can be used for a variety of purposes including weight loss, improving coordination and anaerobic fitness and strengthening your core muscles.

Perfect. But how do you use them?

It’s your lucky day. Published this October, Allan Collins The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Training is a comprehensive guide to this popular fitness tool, providing practical tips on how to use and get the best out of training with a kettlebell.

I know what I’ll be asking for for Christmas.

On your Bike

  2011 has been a great year for long-distance cycling: We’ve had the first Australian winner of the Tour de France, joined by two (Schleck) brothers on the podium (another first); the Manx Missile Mark Cavendish winning the green jersey as well as becoming UCI Road World Champion 2011; and finally the publication of this great book.

Best-selling author Chris Sidwells explains how to choose the right sportive, prepare for it both mentally and physically, and get yourself and your bike to the finish line. Linking sports science to practical training, Cyclosportive will help you improve both your strength and speed.

Whether you’re embarking on your first sportive or trying to improve on your performance in the next one, this essential guide will help you reach your goal.


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