Netball – Not Just For Girls

First game of the new netball season yesterday and the temperature was edging towards zero. Ouch. Still, it was great to be back on court and this season should be slightly more interesting in that each week my team (The Screwballs) are also playing an additional game of mixed netball. Yep, that’s right, mixed netball.

Rules are the same as for regular netball, with these additions:

  • All mixed teams must have between 1 and 3 male players on court.
  • One male player must play in each third of the court. So, if 3 male players are on court, one must play in each goal circle and the other one must play mid-court. If there are only 2 male players on court, they can either play in the goal circle, or one in the goal circle and one mid-court.
  • Basketball style ‘jump-shots’ or ‘lay-ups’ are not allowed.

Having played netball from the age of ten, I forget how many rules there are to learn when you first start and definitely take for granted all the skills and tactics built up over the years. Still, the boys picked it up pretty quickly, though some were perhaps a bit over-zealous with their ‘pivoting’. (It’s not absolutely necessary to do a 360-degree turn before you throw the ball. 😉 )

So, how did we do? Well, we lost… badly. But there’s potential in the team, so hopefully I’ll be reporting back with some better results in the near future. In the meantime, I shall leave you with my favourite netball quote:

“Netball is an outlet – an escape from the humdrum. There’s nothing gives me such a kick. Well, nothing except vodka.”
                                     Angela Farley, ex-national netball player

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