A Question of Sport Answered

A Question of Sport, Bloomsbury style

Yes, it’s finally been a week, so here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

1) Andrew Strauss (1pt)
2) Monty Panesar (1pt)
3) Graeme Swann (1pt)
4) Trevor Brooking (Alan Sunderland scored the winning goal for Arsenal in the 1979 FA Cup final, Ricky Villa for Spurs in 1981. Trevor Brooking did it for West Ham in 1980.) (1pt)
5) Paul Lambert (1pt)
6) Soviet Union (1pt)
7) Sampras 7, Nav 9 = 63 (1pt)
8) Virginia Wade (1pt)
9) 26 Scrabble points (1pt)
10) 9.96s (1pt)
11) 1916, 1940 and 1944 (3pts)
12) Darts board – 6 (1pt)

There was a total of 14 points on offer (points in brackets), so how did you competitive folk do?

0-4     You’re Eric the Eel. Better luck next time.

6-10   Well done. You’re Andy Murray. Close, but no cigar.

11-14  Congratulations, you’re on fire. You’re Usain Bolt.



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