Come On, Ref!!

Ever watched a game of football and thought the ref got it wrong? Think you could do a better job? If you fancy yourself as the new Mark Clattenburg, Michael Oliver or Phil Dowd, perhaps you should get your hands on the bestselling referee manual, The Soccer Referee’s Manual. Now in its sixth edition, it contains FIFA’s most recent Laws of the Game, and has over 100 questions and answers on the laws and interpretations, and contains invaluable insights in to the FA’s referee training and advice.

So what are you still doing sitting on your sofa? Get yourself a copy and get out there on the pitch…

And don’t forget your whistle!


Reproduction of ‘FIFA – Laws of the Game 2015/2016’ – The official Laws of the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Source:
© Copyright 1994-2015 FIFA. All rights reserved.

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