Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions on track! Author Paul Mumford shares his top tips…

What happened to you at the start of 2015? Did you aim get fit, lose weight and improve your health? How is that going? Are you stepping into 2016 with the same resolutions you started with last year?


Weight, health and fitness are on the top of many people’s New Year’s list but how many actually succeed? Not many, in fact studies show that only 8% achieve any of the goals they set for themselves on New Year’s Day. Many will even decide before Christmas they want to lose weight and tone up once it’s all over but many will never even start. The intention is there, they complain about how much they’re eating (often while eating it) and come January 1st it’s a distant memory. So how do you become one of the minority? If you’re already starting to feel like you can’t be bothered or looking for reasons to say ‘I’m too busy’, here are 5 things you can do so you don’t make the same resolutions next year.

Pick one thing you would like to achieve and work to achieve it. It’s no good saying you’re going to the gym to ‘get fit’ because how do you know when you’ve done it? You need something to strive for that you can actually measure but isn’t unrealistic. Start with a goal that may only take you a few weeks to achieve. Then, when you’ve got there you’ll feel great about yourself and be ready to set another. By looking at a big picture (like dropping a dress size or more) it seems so far away that you’re more likely to lose enthusiasm and give up. The Accumulator™ book contains a workout and healthy eating plan that takes only 30 days to work through. Then once you’re done there are lots of other options to keep you on track.

The human brain is built to crave variety. But why do I see so many people doing the same exercises week after week in the gym? Don’t these people get bored? Well, yes they probably do; and they’re probably not seeing results either. These are 2 more things that can lead to failure. To keep you and your brain interested and to promote your body to change you need variety. The Accumulator™ is different each day but not so different that you find it impossible to do. By adding only one new exercise to the workout each day and one change to your diet you are gradually challenged to try new things and become better at the ones you’ve been doing for longer so you see an improvement each day.

Exercising with a friend is a great way to keep you motivated. Having help and support can make a real difference and establish accountability. You will have someone to answer to if you fall off the wagon. The Accumulator™ is built around support. By remaining in contact with everyone else taking part (via our Facebook group) you have a team right there with you every single day.

When you were a baby did you get up and run on day 1? No it took many months for your body to develop so you could first crawl then stand before you could even walk. If you’re new or returning to exercise it’s unreasonable to expect to run straight away and many people try to start a diet and exercise plan at 100% by choosing the hardest workouts and making many changes at once. This is a bit like trying to juggle with lots of balls. When you drop one ball (and you will) you’re more likely to give up completely. The Accumulator™ is a 30 day plan that builds with one new exercise and one change to your diet each day so you learn to juggle one ball at a time.

No time like the present right? Why not take the plunge by trying day one of The Accumulator™ fitness plan right now (check out the video below) or read out about the whole 30 day plan in the book.


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