Stay Resolute!

New Year New You 2016

So you’ve set a resolution to be healthier this year! Good for you! Now comes the hard part, but with a little help, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

We’re halfway through January–keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions on track with our roundup of motivational posts, articles, and videos. Check out the links below and let Bloomsbury’s expert fitness authors keep you on track!

Paul Mumford, creator of The Accumulator™ program, offers up some tips on keeping up with your goals of getting fit and staying healthy. You can also head over to his blog for some more info on his 30-day fitness plan to mix up your workouts and get your body in gear this January.

If you’re interested in using yoga to slim down and tone up this year, Nicola Jane Hobbs has a free workout online from her new Yoga Gym program. Follow her on Instagram for

Resolving to eat better in 2016? Dr. Sarah Schenker, co-author of this winter’s The Ageless Body, is a nutritionist with great ideas and tips for eating well. Check out her blog for great healthy recipes like a do-it-yourself breakfast cereal that will give you workout a boost or a decadent but lean steak salad. As you start a healthy eating and exercise plan, check in with Dr. Schenker and her co-author Peta Bee on Twitter for a little extra motivation.

Dive into the blog of nutritionist and former bodybuilding champion Anita Bean for more tips on the proper nutrition for an active lifestyle. Anita answers your diet questions like “Do low fat diets really work?” and “Will eating Paleo boost my athletic performance?

Don’t miss more tips on sticking to your fitness resolutions with this video from Peak Physique author Hollis Lance Liebman.

And if you need more inspiration, US readers can get 40% off selected sport and fitness books through the end of January.

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