How to Submit a Book Proposal

In order to decide whether your book idea would be a good fit for Bloomsbury Sport, our Commissioning Editors need to have a proposal from you. A proposal gives us information such as: an outline of the project, who you are aiming the book at and a bit about yourself.

To make it easier to evaluate your proposal, please download and complete the attached form: Proposal Form – Sports and Fitness

You should submit your proposal by email to a member of Team Sport @ Bloomsbury.

Our Commissioning Process

The Commissioning Editor will assess the suitability of your proposal for our list and may approach external readers for peer review. If successful at this stage, the proposal will be presented to the editorial, rights, marketing and sales teams at our editorial and acquisitions meetings. If the proposal is approved at this point, the Commissioning Editor will be given authorisation to offer you a contract.

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